Saying how photography make you feel in English

Hi, fellow photographers! This time I want to talk about inspiration and how to talk about it in English. First, think about your answers to these questions: Do you have a favourite kind of photography? Which one? What makes it special for you? What do you feel when doing this kind of photography? What does this kind of photography mean to you personally? Now, after you've made up your mind about your photo preferences, let's read what a contemporary street photographer Nick Turpin says about his favourite genre. Read more:


How to talk to strangers and stay out of trouble in street photography

Hi, fellow photographers! In this first lesson, I'd like to talk about the controversial topic of talking to people in the streets. As you may know in street photography it is a big issue. Whether you should ask people for permission to take a photo, what you should say when someone asks you who you… Continue reading How to talk to strangers and stay out of trouble in street photography